The Year of the Flying Sukkah

October 6, 2008, by

This story took place close to a decade ago. Although it’s about a flying Sukkah, it really began about a week before the holiday, when the stores throughout Jerusalem were selling a new type of Schach that could be used over and over again. Their advertisement ditty, “U’b’Sukkaseinu…” played to a catch tune, blared throughout […]

Celebrating Sukkot With Culinary Stars’ Favorites

October 6, 2008, by

Starry, starry nights, eating meals in the Sukkah with its leafy roof partly open to the star-studded sky, and enjoying a variety of vegetables and fruits from the final fall harvest is always a memorable and spiritual experience. The Sukkah symbolizes the temporary shelters in which our ancestors lived during their 40 years in the […]

High Holiday Baking

September 25, 2008, by

Cakes, cookies and breads that I bake for the Holidays, I bake only for the Holidays. Except for testing out recipes, that is. In this way, my High Holiday baked goods are cherished on two levels: First, my family looks forward to these special foods that come just once a year. And second, I have […]

Succot in Hebron

October 18, 2006, by

Succot in Hebron – A Shining Light of Happiness. If you have questions or comments for David Wilder please send them to:

Sukkos – The Four Species

June 29, 2006, by

There is a commandment that is unique to Sukkos – the commandment to dwell in the Sukkah. There is another commandment which is also unique to Sukkos – the commandment to take the Four Species. In Vayikra (23:40) the verse says “And you shall take for yourself on the first day the fruit of a […]

Sukkos – Why Booths?

June 29, 2006, by

The holiday of Sukkos starts on the 15th day of Tishrei. The holiday of Sukkos is characterized by the unique commandment of dwelling in Sukkos – temporary, hut-like dwellings, as the Torah says in Vayikra (23: 42-43 ) “In booths you are to dwell for seven days …so that your generations will know that I […]

An agricultural or historic holiday?

June 29, 2006, by

Wouldn’t make more sense to celebrate Sukkot during the month of Nisan instead of Tishrei? After all, this is the holiday that commemorates our dwelling in ‘booths’ in the desert after we left Egypt, and it was in the month of Nisan that we first set up camp in the desert! In fact, Sukkot was […]

The Mitzva of Building a Sukka

June 29, 2006, by

In general, a mitzva consists of performing a certain action with a particular object. For example eating matza, donning tefillin, “taking” a lulav, and blowing a shofar are all considered mitzvot. The mitzva consists of a precise action performed with a specific item known as the “cheftza” of the mitzva. In general, the “manufacture” of […]