Friday Night Activities

July 15, 2014, by

This section offers several options, contacts, goals and templates on how to create a successful Friday night activity. Each of the options below can be tailored to your community or family.

Thursday Night Activities

July 15, 2014, by

This section offers some options to engage the women in your community on the importance and spirituality that encompasses the Shabbat. Each of the options below can be specifically tailored to your community or family.

Scholar-in-Residence, Rabbi Swap

December 18, 2013, by

Rabbi Yonah Gross of Congregation Beth Hamedrosh in Wynnewood, PA and Rabbi Akiva Males of the Kesher Israel Congregation of Harrisburg, PA swap for Shabbat.

Disability Inclusion Resource Guide for Rabbis

October 3, 2013, by

The Disability Inclusion Resources Guide for Rabbis is part of the Hineinu initiative and is to support Orthodox rabbis and lay leadership in to their efforts to make their synagogues more inviting to Jews of varying abilities and disabilities.

Singing a New Song

June 12, 2013, by

  Singing a New Song Download the PDF Version Here  Psalm 96, Shiru LaShem Shir Chadash is all about singing a new song because in the times of Moshiach the entire world will change their views and “Sing a New Song”. Let’s contemplate for a moment a few of the significant changes that will occur […]

Lechu Nerannena

June 12, 2013, by

Lechu Nerannena Download the PDF Version Here Kabbalat Shabbat begins with Psalm 95 and continues through Psalm 99 followed by Mizmor LeDovid, Psalm 29, and then Lecha Dodi. The Yaavetz explains that the recital of the six Psalms corresponds to the six days of the week and Shabbat corresponds to Lecha Dodi. The Malbim (1809-1879) […]

Birchot Hashachar VI

June 6, 2013, by

The next two blessings we recite are אוזר ישראל בגבורה-G-d girds Israel with strength and עוטר ישראל בתפארה- G-d crowns Israel with splendor. Simply understood these two blessings correspond to different stages of our getting dressed in the morning.