Lecha Dodi

June 13, 2013, by

Lecha Dodi Download the PDF Version Here The crescendo of the Kabbalat Shabbat service is the beautiful poem Lechoh Dodi – Come my Beloved. It was composed by HaRav Shlom Halevi Alkabetz who lived in Tsfat in the sixteenth century alongside the great scholars and Kabbalists of the day such as the Arizal, Rav Moshe […]

Mizmor LeDovid & Anah Bakoach

June 13, 2013, by

Mizmor LeDovid & Anah Bakoach Download the PDF Version Here Although we already reviewed Psalm 29, Mizmor LeDovid in our Mussaf Tips, since we recite it again at this point in Kabbalat Shabbat and  all the commentaries stress that it should be recited with vigor and joy it is worthwhile for us to take another […]

Footstool to Heaven

June 13, 2013, by

Footstool to Heaven Download the PDF Version Here  Psalm 99 is the last of the consecutive Psalms recited during the Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat Ashkenazic Service. King David again foretells of the thundering revelation of G-d’s presence on earth amidst awe and trembling, and invites the people of Israel to Praise the G-d of Zion. […]

The Inner Circle

June 12, 2013, by

  The Inner Circle Download the PDF Version Here  Picture this: You are at a close friend’s wedding waiting for the bride and groom to appear in the ballroom. Suddenly the band leader introduces the couple for the very first time and the opening dance begins. After a song or two of circling the dance floor, […]

Psalm 97

June 12, 2013, by

  Psalm 97  Download the PDF Version Here  In recent times, the world experienced many “natural disasters”. We have witnessed earthquakes and tsunamis as well as hurricanes and cyclones. In our current state of exile, we are unable to explain exactly why they occur and why they took place in the countries they did. However […]

Singing a New Song

June 12, 2013, by

  Singing a New Song Download the PDF Version Here  Psalm 96, Shiru LaShem Shir Chadash is all about singing a new song because in the times of Moshiach the entire world will change their views and “Sing a New Song”. Let’s contemplate for a moment a few of the significant changes that will occur […]

Lechu Nerannena

June 12, 2013, by

Lechu Nerannena Download the PDF Version Here Kabbalat Shabbat begins with Psalm 95 and continues through Psalm 99 followed by Mizmor LeDovid, Psalm 29, and then Lecha Dodi. The Yaavetz explains that the recital of the six Psalms corresponds to the six days of the week and Shabbat corresponds to Lecha Dodi. The Malbim (1809-1879) […]

Tefillah Tips: Birchot Hashachar V

May 30, 2013, by

Birchot Hashachar V After acknowledging the ground that we walk in רוקע הארץ על המים, the next two blessings we recite are “שעשה לי כל צרכי”- G-d has provides me with all of my needs and “המכין מצעדי גבר”-G-d prepares the steps of man. We can understand the sequence of blessings leading up to המכין מצעדי […]