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Uvah Letzion III:Conclusion

February 20, 2013, by

After we recite the Kedushah Desidrah, and declare our loving commitment to G-d, the conclusion of Uvah Letzion describes the unbelievable opportunity and privilege we have been afforded by G-d to receive, learn, and fulfill the precepts of the Torah. The Gap Between Inspired Expression and Defined Commitment: Many years ago HaRav Shimon Schwab zt”l […]

Atoh Echad Veshimcha Echad

February 20, 2013, by

Atoh Echad Veshimcha Echad Shabbat Mincha continues with Kriat HaTorah which was instituted by Moses himself. We read three Aliyot from the Parshah of the following week. After returning the Torah to the ark and reciting LeDovid Mizmor, the reader continues with Half Kaddish and we recite the silent Amidah. The body of the Amidah […]

Atoh Echad Veshimcha Echad II

February 20, 2013, by

Atoh Echad Veshimcha Echad II The commentary Siach Yitzchak in the Siddur Hagrah, demonstrates that the body of our Tefillah corresponds to the three famous Shabatot in Jewish history and destiny. Since Shabbat Mincha reflects all three Shabatot, the prayer is written partly in the past tense, partly in the present tense and partly in […]

Elokeynu Veelokay Avotainu

February 20, 2013, by

Elokeynu Veelokay Avotainu The next tefillah of Shabbat Minchah is Elokeynu Veelokay Avoteinu Retzey Bimenuchateinu, which means: G-d, the G-d of our fathers, be pleased with our rest (on Shabbat). This Tefillah is the one recurring prayer in the three Shabbat Tefillot; however the word Retzey appears often in our prayers. In every single Amidah […]

Atoh Echad Veshimcha Echad III

February 20, 2013, by

Atoh Echad Veshimcha Echad III Unfortunately there are millions of Jews that do not observe the Shabbat. Why not? The first answer is because they were not brought up with Shabbat and don’t know about the commandment and its importance. But what if we go and explain it to them? We show them that there […]