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Ben Zakkai Honor Society Reception

February 3, 2011, by

This past weekend was the annual Ben Zakkai Honor Society Reception. For those of you unfamiliar with Ben Zakkai, it is the honor society of NCSY alumni. They raise money to assist NCSYers with attending Summer Programs, Yarchei Kallah, yeshiva or seminary in Israel, and more. This year’s reception was something truly special. Aside from the fact that […]

Experience Convention for Yourself / Torah Torah Torah

February 3, 2011, by

Maybe you couldn’t make it to the OU’s One-Day Conference on Jewish Life. Even if you did attend, you still had to choose from among many concurrently-scheduled discussions. Now you can see and hear what you missed. The day’s programming is now online as The One-Day Virtual Conference. Experience it all here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Torah, Torah, Torah […]

New OU Kashrut Chair Appointed/ Positive Convention Feedback

January 27, 2011, by

Feedback on the OU National Convention continues to pour in. I am gratified by all the very positive comments we have been receiving, from staff, from lay leaders, and from the community at large. You may be interested in one particularly thorough write-up of the event that appeared in the NJ Jewish Standard. In the words […]

There’s an OU for You

January 20, 2011, by

We’re very proud of our new OU video, assembled by NCSY Director of Marketing Duvi Stahler, which premiered at the convention. Kudos also go to Olivia Wiznitzer (Associate Program Director, Alumni Connections) and Dan Jeselsohn (who manages all manner of multimedia content for the web department) for their contributions to this endeavor. If you watch one video this week, this should be […]

OU National Convention is this Weekend

January 13, 2011, by

This weekend, January 14-16, 2011, is The Orthodox Union National Convention at The Hilton at Woodcliff Lake, NJ. You can read a nice write-up of the convention in The Jewish Standard. Sunday of the convention is our One-Day Conference on Jewish Life. I hope that you will join us and encourage others in your shul and your community […]

OU Press Publication Wins Award/ OU Birthright Israel

January 13, 2011, by

OU Press publishes many noteworthy books. Some of the more familiar publications include collections of The Rav, Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks‘ Covenant and Conversation,Rabbi Shmuel Goldin‘s Unlocking the Torah Text, and many others. We are especially proud of the many fine liturgical works published with Koren. OU Press’ Koren Mesorat HaRav Kinot, edited by Rabbi Simon Posner, executive […]

Special Recognition to IPA’s Howie Beigelman/ Hightlights of the Upcoming OU National Convention

January 6, 2011, by

Special recognition goes to IPA Deputy Director Howie Beigelman for being named to the JTA 100 Most Influential Jewish Twitter Users 2010. At #42, Howie stands among some of the most influential bloggers, writers and activists in the Jewish world today. You can see the full list here. The past few weeks, I have been reminding you about The Orthodox Union […]

West Coast Torah Convention/ OU.ORG 2.0

December 30, 2010, by

Last Shabbos, I attended the West Coast Torah Convention, which was held concurrently with the JLIC Retreat. As I write this, NCSY is hosting their remarkable Yarchei Kallah. I told you a little about each of these events in anticipation of their execution. You can read about Yarchei Kallah’s upcoming Shabbos in Teaneck in the New […]

Three Exceptional Programs Starting this Weekend and OU’s New Mishna Yomit on OU Torah

December 23, 2010, by

The past few weeks, I’ve been reminding everyone about The Orthodox Union National Convention, coming up January 14-16, 2011 at The Hilton at Woodcliff Lake, NJ. This week, I’d like to focus on three other exceptional programs that are coming up fast: The JLICRetreat (Dec. 23-26), the West Coast Torah Convention (alsoDec. 23-26), and the NCSYYarchei Kallah (Dec. 28-Jan. 2). […]

Exceptional Yachad, NCSY Programming

December 16, 2010, by

Chanukah was a busy time for NJCD/Yachad, who celebrated the chag with four schools in the New York area: Yeshivah of Flatbush, HANC, SAR and NYU. Programs included pizza, dancing, candle lighting, games and lots of fun. Additionally, about 100 people attended the first-ever Yachad Carnival in Miami, FL. For many, this was their first exposure […]